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Pogoda dla Świebodzina
dzień 2021.01.22 - 10:00
Wiatr SSW
19 km/h
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temp. min. 5°C
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Międzyrzecz Fortified Region (MFR)
MFR is a strong system of post-German fortifications, built in the 30s of the 20th century on German-Polish border, constituting the element of the so-called Ostwall – the Eastern embankment. It is situated between Odra River and Warta River and it stretches for 100km.
Site of the facility:


Fortifications Lovers Rally and International Festival of Rock Singers.
It took place this year – you’re welcome next year! The event takes place at the beginning of May.

19th July 2008 The Night of Waterlilies
Fairy tale show presents an interesting story about love which refers to the legend about naming some lakes such as: „Goszcza”, „Lubie”, „Oczko Małe” etc. and giving the name to the locality of Lubrza which comes from the name of a beautiful girl – enchanted into the flower of Waterlily – Lubrzana.
Waterborne spectacle on the Goszcza Lake, with good amplification of dialogues, it is played by youth from the commune area and the surrounding towns. A group of 50 teenagers participate in the show. Rich scenography – of medieval village, illuminated waterlilies, teenagers disguised in regional outfits… The main show is accompanies by a variety of attractions for the audience i.e. contests for children, teenagers, the performance of singing-dancing bands, fashion show, dance show, stilt walker, eurobungee jumps, "Miss Waterlily Night" competition etc. According to the organizers’ assumptions, this event is to be a family event. The event is visited by 10 thousand people, including many families also with little children, home, about the resort, gallery, on-line reservations, resort offer, price lists, contact and payments, region’s attractions, resort map and lakes.