Festiwal kolorów jezioro animacje

The Holiday Resort KORMORAN in Niesulice offers animations for children. Adults can also participate in some of them. Below are the rules and regulations.

1. Every day at the Kormoran Holiday Resort there are various types of animation, led by a professional animator.

2. Classes are mostly held outdoors. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, they may be held indoors.

3. The animator may refuse to conduct activities with a child who does not listen to his instructions.

4. Any concerns about the child’s well-being, equipment, inappropriate behavior of other children, please report to the animator in charge of the activity.

5. Parents/guardians are required to provide their child with drinking water for the duration of the animation activities.

6. Parents/guardians are required to inform the animator of illnesses and allergies of the child participating in animation activities.

7. The activities do not involve taking over the care of the child, but only aim to organize leisure time. During the activities, children are looked after by their parents or guardians.

8. The activities are conducted by one animator.

9. Activities may be canceled for reasons beyond the control of the organizer.

10. Animations for guests of our resort is free of charge.

11. Participation of the child in the activities, is tantamount to acceptance of the above regulations by his parent / guardian.

12. Entering the premises of the Resort is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and at the same time constitutes consent to the publication of photographs, films with the image of people staying at the Resort.

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