Dear Guests and Visitors of O.W. KORMORAN,
The following Rules and Regulations are designed to ensure the safety and pleasant stay of all of you visiting our Resort. Being on the premises of the Resort is tantamount to knowing and accepting the rules in force there.

1. Staying on the premises of the Resort and using its infrastructure, equipment and facilities is subject to payment – according to the Price List of Services available at the Resort Reception. Staying (even temporarily) on the premises of the Resort, including passing through the premises of the Resort, without a valid reservation or paid admission ticket is subject to a fine (according to the price list). The purchase of a ticket is not required only to pass (not stay) through a strip of the shoreline with a width of 1.5 m.

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2. All payments, check-in and stay applications are made during business hours at the Resort’s Reception. Current business hours are listed on the website under the ‘Contact and Payment’ tab.

3. Only persons (minors with guardians) who fulfill the obligation to check in and pay the cost of their stay (no later than on the day of arrival) according to the applicable rates are allowed to stay 24 hours a day at the resort.

4. Non-registered persons are allowed to stay at the resort until 10:00 pm.

5. Parking of vehicles shall be carried out only in parking areas – designated or indicated by the Service for this purpose. It is forbidden to enter the green areas of the Center covered by the ban. PLEASE NOTE: the parking lot of the Resort is unguarded. The entrance gate is closed at 22:00.

6. The use of the various facilities, places and equipment of the Center is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of the O.W. adopted for them.

7. Persons staying on the premises of the Center are financially responsible for the damage caused and resulting from their fault. The perpetrator of the damage will be immediately charged with the cost of its repair.

8. A deposit is required (paid on arrival, either in cash or as a block on your credit card) of up to 500 zł. Depending on the type of cottage. The deposit is returned on the day of guest check-out, after checking the technical condition and equipment of the cottage or room. The guest of the resort bears full financial responsibility for any damage and destruction of items of equipment located in the cottage/room, resulting from his fault or the fault of his visitors. The deposit is also not refunded in case of disturbing the quiet of the night and the home during the day.

9. Please report any defects that arise during the use of the Resort property to the Resort’s reception on an ongoing basis.

10. On the premises of the Resort, you must strictly comply with the applicable fire safety regulations. In particular, it is forbidden to:

  • use of own electrical appliances, not included in the equipment of the chalets,
  • lighting bonfires on the premises of the Resort without the consent of the OW reception,
  • Use of open fire on the premises of the resort,
  • Smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes in the chalets,
  • use of disposable grills.

ATTENTION: Persons violating the above prohibitions are fully liable for any ignition of fire and all resulting costs and losses.

11. Children staying at the Resort should be under the constant supervision of their parents or adult guardians, who are required to exercise special supervision over the children.
12. A curfew is in effect at the O.W. during the ‘high season’:

  • Sunday through Thursday from 22:00-8:00,
  • Friday, Saturday from 0:00-9:00.

During the low and medium season, the Kormoran Resort may abolish nighttime silence for some groups in connection with organized events.

On the premises of the Resort, the norms and rules of social coexistence generally accepted for public places apply. It is forbidden to behave indecently, to disturb the quiet of the night and the home during the day, to litter the territory of the Resort, to destroy equipment, to abuse alcohol, etc.

13. The Resort is not responsible for valuables and money of persons staying on its premises. The parking lot at the OW is an unguarded parking lot, OLIMP Ltd. is not responsible for loss, damage to vehicles and property left in them.

14. Pets are allowed in the Resort, whose owners are obliged to:

  • to report the stay of the animal and pay for it according to the price list,
  • to carry the animal’s health booklet with current confirmation of mandatory vaccinations,
  • clean up excrement left by the animal – in case of pollution of the Resort area,
  • walking animals only on a leash and with a muzzle,
  • provide them with appropriate care so that they do not disturb the peace by barking, howling, etc.
  • respect the prohibition on introducing animals into the bathing area, playground and refreshment facilities,
  • to have a bed for the animal – it is forbidden for animals to climb on couches, beds, armchairs,
  • exercise full control over the animal during its stay at the Resort in such a way that it does not endanger the environment.

We do not allow animals whose owners do not comply with the above rules.

15. Entering the Resort is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and at the same time constitutes consent to the publication of photos, videos with the image of people staying at the Resort.

16. Those who do not comply with the provisions of these Regulations will be forced to leave the resort without refund.

17. Please be advised that as of January 1, 2020, the rules for issuing VAT invoices have changed – in the case of sales registered with a fiscal cash register, the seller will issue an invoice to the entrepreneur only if the buyer’s number is on the fiscal receipt documenting the sale.( Article 106(5)).

For each deposit payment is issued an invoice and a receipt – according to the details provided before you – for the company or an individual. The receipt stays with us, and we send the invoice to you. During your stay, we issue a final invoice along with the receipt. The deposit invoice and the final invoice must be for the same entity, as they are related to each other.

So please give us this information BEFORE paying the deposit so that we can issue both invoices with receipts in the correct way ( i.e. to the same entity) because issuing to another at a later date will be impossible.

We wish you a pleasant and safe holiday !!!
Management of O.W. KORMORAN

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