Below you can read the rules and regulations for the provision of electronic services.

Article 1 General Provisions

1. These Regulations set out the rules and regulations for the provision of services by electronic means and the sending of commercial information by the Service Provider, the rules for the use of these services and the rules for the protection of personal data of Service Recipients.

2. The Service Provider is “OLIMP” limited liability company with its seat in Świebodzin (66-200) at 23 Sulechowska Street, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court in Zielona Góra, VIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under number KRS: 0000292386, NIP: 9730914616, REGON: 080215178, e-mail: , tel: (+48) 683812128. 

3. The Customer may be a natural person, legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality, who uses the services provided by the Service Provider under the contract for the provision of services by electronic means. Natural persons, against the background of these Regulations, should be understood as persons who are at least 18 years of age. Service Recipients may also be persons who are at least 13 years of age, but under 18 years of age, to the extent that they may acquire rights and incur obligations in accordance with the provisions of generally applicable law.

4.The Newsletter is a free service provided electronically by the Service Provider, free of any defects, consisting of informing Service Recipients, via e-mail, about facts and events that may be related to the Service Provider’s business, containing informational, promotional or advertising content of the Service Provider, including content having the nature of commercial information, and in particular information on services offered by the Service Provider.

5. Persons who have agreed to the Newsletter service agree to receive commercial information through it, within the meaning of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws 2013, item 1422 t.jedn.), including dedicated offers.

6. These regulations were issued on the basis of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws 2013, item 1422 t.jedn.).

Article 2 Scope of services provided by the Service Provider

1. The Service Provider, in the course of its business, provides Newsletter services sent by the Service Provider through a mailing module available to all users of the Internet network. The registration form, which at the same time constitutes placing an order to receive such services and acceptance of these Regulations, is available at the address:

2. By placing the order referred to in paragraph 1 above, the Customer agrees to receive the aforementioned information within the Newsletter, also if it is in the nature of commercial information.

3. The offer to provide electronic services is valid until the Service Provider suspends or discontinues them. The Service Provider shall be entitled to suspend or discontinue the provision of electronic services upon notice to Service Recipients.

4. The offer to provide electronic services may be extended at any time.

Article 3 Requirements necessary for the Newsletter service

1. The service is provided to Internet users who have correctly entered the electronic mail (e-mail) address they have on the website.

2. In order to use the Newsletter service, a computer or mobile device with Internet access and an active and properly configured e-mail is required. Viewing the entirety of some of the information transmitted via email may also require a standard web browser.

Article 4 Registration, suspension or discontinuance of Newsletter service

1. Placing an order for the provision of services electronically requires sending a properly completed form in electronic form, available at by providing one’s e-mail address and optionally one’s first and last name. Services are provided only to Service Recipients who have given their consent.

2. By registering, the Client declares that he has read and agrees to the Rules and Regulations, and that he voluntarily enters into the use of services provided by the Service Provider, and that the data contained in the registration form are complete and true. In addition, by registering, the Service Recipient declares that he has legal capacity and that the electronic address provided by him in the order is an address that he has the right to dispose of to the extent required for the performance of services.

3. The Service Provider stipulates that some of the information or materials on the website are subject to copyright protection. The Service Recipient has the right to use them only within the framework of permitted personal use. Copying, reproduction, distribution on the Internet and other forms of use of these materials beyond the limits permitted by law are prohibited.

4. Each Customer has the right to cancel the Newsletter service at any time. Subscription can be cancelled by sending appropriate information about resignation to the e-mail address: or by clicking on the link “I resign from the Newsletter service” located in the footer of each Newsletter.

5. The service provider reserves the right to:e prawo do:

a) Temporarily disable the Newsletter service if necessary for technical reasons (e.g. system repair, maintenance work, etc.),

b) complete discontinuation of the Newsletter service upon notice to Users,

c) Discontinue the provision of the Newsletter service to a specific User, in the event that he takes actions that violate the law, these Regulations and good morals, including the release of information that is the intellectual property of the Service Provider, uses the layout and composition of the Service Provider’s website (so-called layout), its graphic elements and other elements without the express written consent of the Service Provider, as well as in the event that he takes actions that interfere with the uninterrupted use of the service by other Users.

Article 5 Complaints

1. A complaint regarding the Newsletter service should be submitted by e-mail to the following address of the Service Provider:

2. The complaint should contain the Customer’s data (in particular, the e-mail address submitted for the performance of the service, as well as the first and last name, if it has already been given), a description of the situation giving rise to the complaint, and the specific request of the Customer related to the complaint.

3. If the data or information provided in the complaint needs to be supplemented, then before considering the complaint, the Service Provider shall request the Customer submitting the complaint to supplement it to the extent indicated.

4. The complaint is resolved within 14 days. Resolution of the complaint is sent to the e-mail address of the Customer.

Article 6 Personal data protection

1. The Service Provider is the administrator of the personal data of the Service Recipients. Personal data shall be processed by the Service Provider in accordance with the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Service Provider’s Privacy Policy available at, for purposes related to the provision of services by electronic means referred to in Article 2 of the Terms and Conditions, i.e. for the provision of the Newsletter service and for marketing purposes regarding the services offered. Provision of personal data is voluntary.

2. The Service Provider stipulates that the personal data it processes may be made available to entities entitled to receive them under applicable law, including the relevant judicial authorities.

3. The Service Provider shall ensure that the persons whose personal data it processes exercise their rights under the Personal Data Protection Act, including the right to request access, amendment or deletion. The request for deletion of personal data is equivalent to resignation from the Newsletter service.

4. The personal data of the Service Recipients are protected by the Service Provider against their access to unauthorized persons, as well as against other cases of their disclosure or loss through the use of appropriate technical and organizational safeguards.

Article 7 Final Provisions

1. The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall take effect within 7 days from the date of their announcement to Service Recipients by e-mail.

2. Any additional services may be provided under separate regulations.

3. The law applicable to contracts for the provision of services between the Service Provider and Service Recipients under the terms of these Terms and Conditions is Polish law. Any disputes that arise from the application of these Regulations shall be resolved by the competent Polish common courts.

4. Entering the premises of the Center is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and at the same time constitutes consent to the publication of photographs, films with the image of people staying at the Resort.

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