Below you will find a link to a Google directions map, address and navigation data to help you find the optimal route to Holiday Resort Kormoran in Niesulice.

Holiday Resort Kormoran is located 14 km from Świebodzin, which is easily accessible by highway 92 and S-3, as well as the A-2 highway. From Swiebodzin, Holiday Resort Kormoran is best reached through villages, including Olobok by a paved road.

We welcome guests from Poland, other countries, as well as our neighbors from Germany. This is because the Resort is located close to the German border.
Example distances:

  • Berlin – 175 km
  • Potsdam – 185 km
  • Frankfurt (Oder) – 77 km
  • Dresden – 252 km
  • Cottbus – 114 km

Enter the address of the Kormoran Resort into the navigation:

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy
Niesulice 17 E
66-213 Skąpe

or plan a route using the coordinates in your navigation:
N 52° 13′ 7.9309”
E 15° 23′ 35.7719”

We invite you to a family holiday by the lake in Lubuskie province, offering accommodation in modern cottages. Coming to us is a great opportunity to relax in close proximity to nature and actively spend your free time!
We welcome guests from Germany, with us it is beautiful, as if it were a vacation in Brandenburg.

Directions map (Google Map – click for more options)

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