Lake Niesłysz – the pearl of the Lubusz land

Lake Niesłysz is located among moraine hills. Its clear waters, fed from underground springs, are surrounded by forests, most of which are pine forests. The area of the lake is almost 500 hectares, including three islands: Koziniec (18 hectares in area) Municipal and Bird Island. The vast expanse of water surface creates excellent conditions for sailing.

Active time at the lake

Numerous quiet bays, an irregular shoreline, fish-rich waters, excellent conditions for leisure fishing. The most abundant fish species are bleak, roach, rudd, bream, pike, tench, eel; in the depths of the lake lives whitefish, considered the tastiest freshwater fish. The deep clear waters of Lake Niesłysz are an ideal place for diving and fishing. Excellent conditions for sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. We recommend a variety of leisure activities. One of them is a canoe trail on Lake Niesłysz. Sailing along the left shore, we enter the beautiful Bay of Water Cut surrounded by beautiful forests.

Jezioro Niesłysz
View from a drone – the beauty of Lake Niesłysz. The piers and the sandy beach of the Kormoran Center.

Interesting corners of the lake

Then we flow into the already overgrown Bogenza Bay. Entering it is very difficult. We meet a lot of cormorants and other species of water birds. Cruising further along the shore (about a kilometer) we reach the palace in Przełazy, passing the largest island on the lake on the right – Koziniec, then the Bird Island, entering a secluded bay of the lake covered with a carpets of water lilies. The further route of the rafting trip leads along the shoreline to Julius Bay, from where the next section of the rafting trip now leads along a quiet, peaceful, picturesque canal shore to the village of Mostki. There we plan to take a longer break, dedicate it to visiting a section of the fortifications of the Oder-Varta arc, the independent Lietzmann Fortress Group. After visiting the bunkers, we return via the canal to the lake. On the way back, sailing along the shore we enter a narrow isthmus in the reeds between the City Island and the lake shore. We also pass Koziniec Island, entering Lazaret Bay and then Gray Stone Bay at the end of which, there is a medieval fortified settlement. We go to see the mound and the ramparts of the fortress where, according to legend, the knights-robbers had their headquarters. Next to the mound is a vantage point with benches for resting. Cruising further along the left shore of the lake we enter the Borowska Bay, then the Kolina Bay, passing the buildings of Niesulice, we return to the place from which we set off, the Holiday Resort Kormoran. The next suggestion for active recreation is a bicycle tour along the lake shore. A trip along the Niesulice Fortification Trail – the southern section of the Międzyrzecz Fortified Region – is extremely interesting.

Lake Niesłysz is one of the many assets of this place, known as the “Pearl of the Lubuskie Land”. Clear water, an interesting shoreline, a quiet zone, an abundance of fish, great sailing conditions and excellent accommodation facilities of the KORMORAN resort have been attracting crowds of tourists for many years. It is worth coming to us if only to see the sunset over Niesłysz.

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