Dear Visitors, we will be grateful for your cooperation in following the rules described in the regulations, which will ensure your safe and peaceful holiday.

  1. General rules
    The rights and obligations of you – our guests, issued on the basis of Article.384 of the Civil Code and the Law on Tourist Services, are determined by these “General Terms and Conditions of Participation”, which are an integral part of the contract for the provision of tourist services by OLIMP Sp. z.o.o.
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  1. Conclusion of contract
    • The contract is concluded when the entrance fee is paid, a verbal or written (online) reservation is made by the guest and a verbal or written confirmation of the offer is made by a receptionist.
    • Payment of the deposit by the Guest (not less than 30% of the price of the service) signifies the conclusion of the contract and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Participation.
      Attention! The deposit is non-refundable!
    • OLIMP Sp. z.o.o. – upon receipt of the deposit – issues and sends a deposit invoice (to the e-mail address indicated during the reservation) which means confirmation of the conclusion of the contract by OLIMP,
    • A guest resigning from participation in the holiday may indicate in writing another person who will take over his rights and obligations under the contract with OLIMP Ltd.
    • By concluding a contract for the provision of accommodation services you agree to the processing, updating of your personal data to the extent necessary for correspondence between you and the OLIMP Sp. z o.o. company. (exclusively in matters concerning your stay at O.W. Kormoran in Niesulice).
    • We would like to inform you that as of January 1, 2020, the rules for issuing VAT invoices have changed – in the case of sales registered with a fiscal cash register, the seller will issue an invoice to the entrepreneur only if the buyer’s number is on the fiscal receipt documenting the sale.( Article 106 paragraph 5)
      For each deposit payment is issued an invoice – to the company or an individual. During the stay we issue a final invoice. The deposit invoice and the final invoice must be to the same entity, as they are related.
      So please provide us with this information BEFORE paying the deposit so that we can issue both invoices correctly (i.e., to the same entity) because issuing to another at a later date will be impossible.
  2. Prices, terms of payment
    • The prices of guest services are contract prices and include VAT.
    • Payment of the deposit must be made to the bank account indicated by OLIMP Sp. z.o.o. within five working days from the date of the agreement – the date of receipt of the payment counts. Failure to pay the deposit on time will result in cancellation of the reservation and termination of the contract.
    • The price for services specified in the contract (minus the deposit) should be paid by the Guest on the day of arrival at O.W. Kormoran. The participant will receive an invoice after payment.
    • Failure to use any of the benefits/services ordered by the Guest does not entitle the Guest to claim a refund of the amount paid.
    • A security deposit is required (payable on arrival) according to the price list, depending on the type of cottage. The deposit is returned on the day of check-out of guests, after checking the technical condition and equipment of the cottage.
      The security deposit will not be refunded in full in the case of:
      • ascertaining any kind of damage and destruction of items of equipment located in the cottage and on the premises of the Resort, resulting from the fault of the Guest or his visitors,
      • violation of the ban on smoking and e-cigarettes in the cottages (for the fee for ozonation of the cottage),
      • disturbing the quiet of the night and house,
      • failure to declare animals staying in the cottage.
  3. Miscellaneous provisions
    • Admission to the Resort is paid. Staying without a valid reservation or admission ticket risks a fine (according to the price list). Check-in begins on the day of arrival at 17:00 and ends at 10:00 on the day of departure.
    • Guests are obliged to observe the regulations of order (quietness at night), as well as health and safety and fire regulations.
    • Please exercise due diligence related to closing windows and doors when leaving the cottage.
    • Guests of the O.W. Kormoran are financially responsible for causing damage on the premises of the Resort through their fault, or the fault of their visitors.
    • Vehicles should be placed in designated areas, with the stay card issued at the Reception visible behind the window. Please keep vehicular traffic in the Resort to a minimum, keep the speed limit to 5 km/h and be extra careful.
    • The presence of animals must not interfere with the rest of other guests of the Resort and threaten their safety. Dogs staying on the premises should be on a leash and muzzled. Animals must have a current vaccination card. Guests bear full legal responsibility for their animals and the consequences of their behavior (destruction, biting, disturbing the peace).
    • In case of comments and objections regarding the level of service, operation of the facilities and equipment of the Resort, cleanliness and orderliness, the Guest is requested to inform the Reception employee.
    • Neither OLIMP Sp. z o.o. or O.W. KORMORAN shall be liable for any valuable property left in the cabins or premises of the facility, in particular such as monetary values, securities, jewelry, precious stones, documents, numismatic or philatelic collections, works of art or other items of a valuable, antique, artistic or unique nature. The outdoor parking lot is an unguarded parking lot. Neither OLIMP Sp. z o.o. or O.W. KORMORAN shall be liable for damage or loss of vehicles or property left there.
    • Smoking and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the cottages. In case of violation of the prohibition, the security deposit will not be returned, or if the security deposit has not been collected, the guest will be charged the cost of ozonation of the cottage in the amount of 500 PLN.
    • Management of the Resort reserves the right to prohibit entry to the Resort of persons under the influence of alcohol, behaving inappropriately, and the right to remove from the premises of the Resort persons who do not comply with these regulations. O.W. KORMORAN may refuse to accommodate a Guest who, during the previous stay, grossly violated the Regulations causing damage to the property of the Resort, Guests or damage to the person of a Guest, an employee of the Resort or other persons staying at the Resort, or otherwise interfered with the peaceful stay of Guests or the operation of the facility.   
  4. Final provisions
    • In matters not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions of Participation, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Law on Tourist Services shall apply accordingly.
    • These terms and conditions are effective as of January 1, 2022.
  5. Entering the premises of the Resort is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations of the Kormoran Resort, T&Cs and at the same time constitutes consent to the publication of photos, films with the image of people staying at the Resort.

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